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Every car owner has their own driving style and when choosing a new set of car tyres, we know it’s important to consider how the tyres will perform in certain circumstances.
To meet the eclectic requirements of our customers, klinikar.com stocks a vast array of different car tyres.

User Reviews

    positive review  Servis yang terbaik…cepat respon….boleh dipercayai….memang terbaik perkhidmatan

    Mohd Ruslan Avatar Mohd Ruslan
    December 12, 2020

    positive review  Alhamdulilah.settle dah tukar 4 biji tyre,terima kasih klinikar.com servis yang amat puas hati sy ambik tyre brand powertrac recomended by klinikar. 1.Harga yg mampu milik (225/60/r18) 2.staf yg terlatih di TS tyre care (bukit tinggi klang) 3.trusted dealer by klinikar.com 4.dapat free gift lagi adidas cap yg berkualiti and tiket wayang 1 family 😀 5.no hidden charges ini yg sangat penting.

    Anuar Mohamed Mansor Avatar Anuar Mohamed Mansor
    October 4, 2020

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