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Cars that most Malaysian female drivers own

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    positive review  A very nice and efficient service in purchasing 4 new tires for my MPV end of this challenging year recently. An attractive price was superb and also got some valuable free gifts upon confirmation of the deal (after paying earnest deposit). Well done Klinikar Team. I am about to recommend to my fellow friends. Thank you and Happy New Year 2021!

    Zulkhairi Kz Avatar Zulkhairi Kz
    December 26, 2020

    positive review  Alhamdulilah.settle dah tukar 4 biji tyre,terima kasih klinikar.com servis yang amat puas hati sy ambik tyre brand powertrac recomended by klinikar. 1.Harga yg mampu milik (225/60/r18) 2.staf yg terlatih di TS tyre care (bukit tinggi klang) 3.trusted dealer by klinikar.com 4.dapat free gift lagi adidas cap yg berkualiti and tiket wayang 1 family 😀 5.no hidden charges ini yg sangat penting.

    Anuar Mohamed Mansor Avatar Anuar Mohamed Mansor
    October 4, 2020

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