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Worst Workshop Experience

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  • 7 months ago
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  • tried once purchased tyres on Lazada, good price. but arrived at the shop, the mechanic keep telling me my car got problem, this spoil that spoil. when i said nvm, i go back to my usual mechanic, the attitude change directly, don’t even want to care about me.

    so in conclusion, put cheap price on advertisement, then charge on others. be careful guys.

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  • nampak satu kedai dekat Klang, harga tayar cantik, so saya dari Puchong pun pergi tukar. Sampai ke kedai semua ok, tunjuk manufacturing date tayar, tayar pun baru. so saya pun duduk tunggu die orang tukar. siap, bayar dan balik.

    sampai rumah syok pergi tengok tayar baru, baru perasan cilaka punye kedai tunjuk tayar baru, tapi bila tak perasan…Read More

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  • i was cheated by this seller on Facebook once, Sumaax or Sumecs tyre in serdang. We dealed a price on the chat and when i reached the shop, excuses like no more stock, or the one i offer you is a older tyre you wanna try something else ?

    That is pure bullshit to me ! This group is good so i can share those bad workshop with bad service in here 😀

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  • I got conned before by this workshop in OUG, castrol signange. The boss attitude like i owe him money !

    His location is behind OUG plaza. NEVER GO BACK AGAIN !



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