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    Bridgestone 195/60R16 Ecopia EP150

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    Low rolling resistance

    Lower fuel consumption

    Outstanding braking performance even in wet condition



    ECOPIA tyres are made with the latest technology for reducing rolling resistance which leads to less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

    ECOPIA tyres also deliver the safety peformance of better braking in the wet and longer wear life.

    With 7.1% improvement in fuel efficiency, comparing ECOPIA EP150 to Bridgestone AR10 over 10,00OKM distance travelled.

    Actual savings may vary which depend on proper tyre maintenance, vehicle, driving style and road conditions

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    Powertrac 195/60R16 Racing Pro

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    • Four wide vertical ditches ensure excellent drainage performance and handling performance of wetland pavement. Meanwhile, drainage groove and optimized curved tire shoulder design can ensure fast and efficient drainage in deep water-filled pavement, which can still guarantee wetland performance.
    • Raised design at the bottom of the trenchexcellent quiet comfort the raised design at the bottom of the longitudinal trench with circumferential discontinuous pattern can interfere with the air column connected to the groove, reduce resonance and thus reduce the noise generated by the longitudinal trench.
    • The shoulder pattern block.accurate high-speed driving and control performance the outer continuous shoulder design. to strengthen the high-speed steering performance and lateral grip. Inside drainage trench ensure quick and efficient drainage.
    • Tread pattern. Stable performance in straight line large ground area of the continuous pattern block design, achieving good high-speed braking and steering stability.
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    Dunlop 195/60R16 Formula D06

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    On the road the tyres certainly lived up to the billing, as the D05’s wet grip is remarkable with little loss in traction and braking performance experienced when conditions got wet. This is thanks largely in part to the tyre’s wiper block design, which not only increases the road contact area, but its sharp and angular shape enable it to disperse water easily with its “Edge-Effect” that breaks the water tension and reduces the water-film between tyre and road surface. From there the D05’s four wide longitudinal grooves enables it to channel the water out easily, clearing the way for the tyres to grip the road.


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