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    Powertrac 175/65R15 Adamas H/P

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    • Four wide circumferential tread grooves deliver the ride stability and offer excellent performance on wet Improved grooves and bead profile design offer better ride stability, endurance and handling performance.
    • Continuous tread blocks on both shoulder give great support to enhance the stability when cornering, the closed shoulders deliver excellent quiet ride.
    • Continuous solid center rib sand lateral tread blocks connected by rib-in-chain enhance steering stability, decrease block deformation and reduce energy loss.
    • Special tread compound delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads and offer longer mileage
    • Price includes installation, wheel balancing and tubeless valve. Alignment is optional at RM35. Free alignment for purchase of 4 pieces.

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    Bridgestone 175/65R15 Ecopia EP300

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    Impressive fuel efficiency

    Superior wet grip

    Extended wear life



    Its lower rolling resistance achieves class-leading fuel efficiency and savings, not to mention lower CO2 emissions,

    while its enhanced wet handling offers greater safety.

    Add all that to a new tread design and you get longer lasting performance that goes even further.[:]

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    Continental 175/65R15 Comfort Contact CC6

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    ComfortContact CC6

    The comfort choice with lowest noise level and smooth comfortable ride.

    Superior low noise level

    Excellent comfortable ride

    High mileage performance

    Good fuel efficiency

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    Prinx 175/65R15 HiCITY HH2

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    • Suitable for medium and premium passenger cars on highway.
    • Strong central rib guarantees excellent steering performance and stability at high speed.
    • Shoulder sipes and lateral grooves enhance tire strength and handling performance.
    • Special tread compound with silica improves ride comfort and reduce noise.
  • Tyre Of The Month
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    Dunlop 175/65R15 SP Sport J6

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    The more comfort oriented and fuel efficient SP Sport J5 uses a new generation of full silica compound which provides high wet weather grip and improved rolling resistance. The edge tie-bar works like a dam, dispersing water at high velocity, while an optimised number of sipes and grooves enhances water wiping while maintaining a large contact area, ensuring excellent braking performance in the wet.


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