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    Dunlop 225/40R18 Maxx050+

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    • High speed stability and excellent cornering performance
    • New pattern design and compound performance
    • Superior riding comfort
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    Bridgestone 225/40R18 Turanza T005A

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    Quiet, comfortable ride

    Confident wet and dry performance

    Long wear life

    Experience a quieter, safer and smoother journey. The new Turanza T005A is engineered with Bridgestone’s advanced technology to take care of your needs on the road. When you journey with the world’s most trusted tyre brand, you know you’ll always arrive at your best


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    Continental 225/40R18 MaxContact MC6

    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    MaxContact™ MC6

    MAX benefits for your car.

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    Powertrac 225/40R18 Racing Pro

    Sold By: Klinikar.com
    • Four wide vertical ditches ensure excellent drainage performance and handling performance of wetland pavement. Meanwhile, drainage groove and optimized curved tire shoulder design can ensure fast and efficient drainage in deep water-filled pavement, which can still guarantee wetland performance.
    • Raised design at the bottom of the trenchexcellent quiet comfort the raised design at the bottom of the longitudinal trench with circumferential discontinuous pattern can interfere with the air column connected to the groove, reduce resonance and thus reduce the noise generated by the longitudinal trench.
    • The shoulder pattern block.accurate high-speed driving and control performance the outer continuous shoulder design. to strengthen the high-speed steering performance and lateral grip. Inside drainage trench ensure quick and efficient drainage.
    • Tread pattern. Stable performance in straight line large ground area of the continuous pattern block design, achieving good high-speed braking and steering stability.

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