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    Continental 215/45R17 Ultra Contact UC6

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    Ultra Contact UC6

    Continental Ultra Contact UC6 is the highest performance level guaranteed by German Technology. Perfect tyre-contact to control the vehicle.

    Full control on wet roads

    Extreme short braking distances in dry and wet road conditions

    High grip level combined with long durability

    Low noise level

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    Dunlop 215/45R17 Formula D06

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    On the road the tyres certainly lived up to the billing, as the D06’s wet grip is remarkable with little loss in traction and braking performance experienced when conditions got wet. This is thanks largely in part to the tyre’s wiper block design, which not only increases the road contact area, but its sharp and angular shape enable it to disperse water easily with its “Edge-Effect” that breaks the water tension and reduces the water-film between tyre and road surface. From there the D06’s four wide longitudinal grooves enables it to channel the water out easily, clearing the way for the tyres to grip the road.


    Excellent braking performance as if on dry road

    The wiper blocks design (individualised block design) increase the road contact area. The Edge-Effect reduces the water-film between tire and road edges which acts as a wiper, ensuring excellent braking performance on wet.

    Optimized web handling

    Four equally distributed wide longitudinal grooves accelerate water evacuation and equalize water dispersion rate. Leaving no water on the surface of contact area, delivers the best grip of tires to the road surface.

    Excellent grip level at any utmost conditions

    Advanced Silica Compound Technology accommodates wider operating temperature compared to the predecessor. Enhanced grip tread compound achieves better traction.

    Innovative Sun & Rain indicator

    Dry & wet season indicator shows clearly when to change your tires for best optimum wet performances. Reduces the hassle to check the remaining tread depth of tires.


    4 Sales this month
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    Lanvigator 215/45R17 CatchPower

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    • Four wide circumferential tread grooves deliver the ride stability and offer excellent performance on wet Improved grooves and bead profile design offer better ride stability, endurance and handling performance.
    • Continuous tread blocks on both shoulder give great support to enhance the stability when cornering, the closed shoulders deliver excellent quiet ride.
    • Continuous solid center rib sand lateral tread blocks connected by rib-in-chain enhance steering stability, decrease block deformation and reduce energy loss.
    • Special tread compound delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads and offer longer mileage
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    Bridgestone 215/45R17 Potenza RE004

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    Take to the streets with the new Bridgestone Potenza RE004 and discover the thrill of driving. With amazing handling and high responsiveness in sharp turn-ins, you’ll feel the road more acutely while enjoying greater stability and control. This isn’t just a tyre that’s built for drivers; it’s a tyre that’s built for the drive.

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