• Tyre Of The Month
    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Dunlop 235/40R18 Maxx050+

    Sold By: Klinikar.com
    • High speed stability and excellent cornering performance
    • New pattern design and compound performance
    • Superior riding comfort
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    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Prinx 235/40R18 HiRace HZ2 A/S

    Sold By: Klinikar.com
    • Non-uniform grooves improve steering performance and safety on wet surface.
    • Outside arc grooves offer a quiet ride.
    • Special tread compound offers good flexibility to tire and ensures excellent grip.
    • Transverse grooveseffectively enhance tire grip when braking and starting
    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Continental 235/40R18 MaxContact MC6

    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    MaxContact™ MC6

    MAX benefits for your car.

    Maximum Safety by offering confident braking in wet and dry conditions.

    Maximum Confidence thanks to sporty handling and direct feedback from the road.

    Maximum Value from the perfect combination of good mileage and low noise.


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