• Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Premium Valet Service

    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Please note that the following conditions apply to our Premium Valet Service:

    • It’s available only within the Klang Valley.

    • We require 30 minutes advance notice for the Valet Pick-Up and/or Valet Drop-Off service.

    • We charge a minimal fee of RM100 each way for pick-up and or drop-off.

    Fare Charges

    Starting within 10 kilometers, the charge is RM100.

    Exceeding the starting kilometers, an additional RM7.50 per kilometer within 20 kilometers, and an additional RM8 per kilometer after 21 kilometers.

    The driver can wait for 10 minutes for free, and the waiting time will be charged at RM10 every 10 minutes.
    *A maximum 3 stops per trip and each stop is at most 2 minutes.

    * If the waiting time is exceeded, RM10 will be charged every 10 minutes.

    * 2am to 5am extra charge 50%, Basic fare is RM150

    Note: The measurement of kilometers is based on the customers dashboard reading, drivers and car owner can take photos of the kilometers reading on car dashboard for references.


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