Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Continental 175/70R13 Comfort Contact CC6

    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    ComfortContact CC6

    The comfort choice with lowest noise level and smooth comfortable ride.

    • Superior low noise level
    • Excellent comfortable ride
    • High mileage performance
    • Good fuel efficiency
  • Tyre Of The Month
    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Dunlop 175/70R13 SP Sport J6

    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    The more comfort oriented and fuel efficient SP Sport J5 uses a new generation of full silica compound which provides high wet weather grip and improved rolling resistance. The edge tie-bar works like a dam, dispersing water at high velocity, while an optimised number of sipes and grooves enhances water wiping while maintaining a large contact area, ensuring excellent braking performance in the wet.


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