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    Prinx 225/60R17 HiCITY HH2

    Sold By: Klinikar.com
    • Suitable for medium and premium passenger cars on highway.
    • Strong central rib guarantees excellent steering performance and stability at high speed.
    • Shoulder sipes and lateral grooves enhance tire strength and handling performance.
    • Special tread compound with silica improves ride comfort and reduce noise.
  • BUY3 FREE1 PROMO !!!
    Sold By: Klinikar.com

    Powertrac 225/60R17 Cityrover

    Sold By: Klinikar.com
    • Four wide circumferential tread grooves deliver the ride stability and offer excellent performance on wet conditions. Improved grooves and bead profile design offer better ride stability, endurance and handling performance.
    • The open shoulder grooves prevent aquaplaning with enhanced wet grip performance and provide excellent water evacuation. Continuous tread blocks on both shoulder give great support to enhance the ride stability when cornering.
    • Variable pitch pattern and solid center ribs improve the ride stability, reduce the noise and deliver a comfortable ride.
    • High-density sipes with special compound deliver a smooth ride and improve traction on dry and wet roads, Jointless nylon band and strong structure design provided the strong carcass to enhance the reliability and durability.

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