Types of Speed Bumps in Malaysia

Speed bumps are designed and meant to keep drivers to slow down and protect people around the streets. You can often see them from parking lots, neighborhoods and as well as around the streets. For the most part, it can be really annoying for your car and it’s tyres. Let’s take a look at some of the bumps we have in Malaysia.


  1. Common rubber bump

One of the most common bumps you’ll cross on any roads and it is totally fine to bump into one or two. But when you have to bump on a few more in a single lane, that’s going to be quite an annoyance.

speed bumpHeader

Photo Credit: https://www.parkingzone.c/pub/media/resized/800×500/ves/blog/speed_bumpHeader.jpg


  1. Royal Rumble Ride

Following up next, this will give you a continuous bumpy ride of your time. Driving through one makes you feel like you are constantly bumping your car towards something. It may be annoying, depending on the length of this strip you’ll be driving on. 

Photo Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4a/North_Luzon_Expressway_Rumble_Strips.jpg


  1. That Oversized Bump

The oversized bump is one of the safest bumps you’ll ever come across. Whether you decide to go at normal speed or slowdown, the effect is not as bad as the other bumps you’ll come in contact with. One of the safest bumps for your car and tyres.


According to MBPJ, a properly built speed bump has to include reflective lines painted on the structure, speed breaker lines on the ground and two signboards (to alert motorists).

Photo credit: https://apicms.thestar.com.my/uploads/images/2020/10/23/909088.jpg


  1. The Horror Bump (a.k.a Pothole)

This is one of the most unforgiven pothole bumps that is usually near a construction or heavy vehicle traveled road. While it’s best you keep your eye on the road all the time to avoid this, it’s definitely not the easiest to deal with when it rains and you can’t see it. One advice – stay laser focused on the road. You need to protect your tyres and rims.


Photo credit: https://www.pothole.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/slide1.jpg


  1. Home-made Bump

The bump that we will encounter in all neighborhoods or ‘taman’, built by residences. Definitely one of the most annoying bumps as you might be encountering more than one within a lane or it was not properly leveled for all types of car to go through. If possible, notice this earlier or avoid it.

Speed bump

Photo credit: https://media.premiumtimesng.com/wp-content/files/2016/09/Speed-bump.jpg

Now these are just some of the many bumps we have in Malaysia but there’s definitely more that you have explored or ‘bumped’ into from your driving experience. If you’ve experienced different ones, share your experience and let us know what’s your horror story bumping into one of these!

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