Klinikar is a leading car care marketplace in Malaysia. We connect hand-picked professional workshops to more than 20,000 drivers yearly. We are engaged in branded tyres and car care services by providing customers the hassle-free “ONLINE to OFFLINE ” way of car care experience.

Klinikar keeps the business running with a mission of “Transparent Pricing and No Hidden Charges” and implements world-class customer service to guide our customers throughout the purchase.

Klinikar now has more than 300 installation points and more than 50 verified panels across the country.

Think of Tyres, Think of Klinikar!


As we march into 2022, there is no doubt that e-commerce has penetrated most marketplace and has revolutionised the spending behaviour and shopping experience of consumers. Businesses are also striving to digitise themselves with two key principles in mind – speed and convenience. This gave birth to jargons like business-to-business (“B2B”), business-to-consumer (“B2C”), online-to-offline (“O2O”) and consumer-to-consumer (“C2C”).

E-commerce has undeniably closed up the gap between manufacturers and end consumers by eliminating or diminishing the role of intermediaries. However, the e-commerce space is still evolving so rapidly that most businesses struggle to keep up. Larger organisations now deploy algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to ensure a purportedly seamless experience for consumers. These tools gather and remember data to provide instantaneous automatic replies or future shopping suggestions. As this journey progresses, It is worthy to note that one key element is downplayed – the human touch.

At Klinikar.com, our aim is to emphasise the human touch element whilst providing the speed and convenience expected of e-commerce. We also wish to work with brand principals on outreach marketing and technical knowledge sharing with targeted audience Klinikar.com commands.

Wayne Yu,
Co-Founder of Klinikar.com

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