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Klinikar offers a wide range of branded tyres such as Continental , Dunlop, Powertrac, Sentury , Falken , Bridgestone, GoodYear, Michelin. and also car service packages and 4S key panel workshops for your ease. Enjoy your stay !

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The Ultimate car care platform that provides a full range of branded tyres, including Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, Powertrac and more! Klinikar.com covers most major parts in Malaysia and we’re still growing! Our collaboration with reputable workshops provides the best service to all drivers. Minimise your waiting time, optimise your schedule by schedule your car services @Klinikar.com. There will be sales and promotions from time to time,so don’t think much and Buy Cheap Tires in Malaysia, follow klinikar.com facebook page for our special deals.

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