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The headquarters of POWERTRAC factory is located in the Chinese well-known hometown of tyres– Shandong province. Its products are known for high-quality and cost-effective, and are currently one of the top five private-run tire manufacturers in China.

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Powertrac Tyre Malaysia
Continental Tyre Malaysia
Dunlop tyre Malaysia
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Powertrac Tyre Malaysia

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Powertrac City Racing

Powertrac Tyres Malaysia


Top Powertrac City Racing Review


I own a BMW 3series I got a set of four 225 40 18 tires. I decided to get this tires in KL I live in Penang if being raining all week and this tires are perfect in wet or dry terrain no complain and the look good In my car

Tyre reviewed on November 23, 2019

.. i’m using Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 and just came to try these cheap tires on my 17″ te37 wheels .. and .. suprisingly .. it is better compared to TOYO T1R on my previous set of tire .. great grip on dry/wet road.. doesnt give much noise .. excellent cornering at 80km/h ++ .. going to buy it again for sure .. safety comes first ..
Tyre reviewed on June 12, 2020
Great buy, good handling and good grip. (C220)
Tyre reviewed on January 12, 2020
This tires is amazing, its outperformed my advan sport tires. I definitely will buy this tires again for my other car.
Tyre reviewed on May 28, 2020
Was unsure of these but after 15-20k miles later, will definitely buy again. Very good value, highly recommend!
 tyre reviewed on October 13, 2019
John Wick
When first I bought my car a few months ago, I was very disappointed with the ride and feedback from the whole car, heavy steering/unresponsive, heavy gear change and clutch, like driving a tractor after an Audi A6. Being ‘Runflats’ they were extremely hard and due to ware gave little or confidence. With the change of rubber and after 1500 miles running in, its transformed the feedback from the tyres and suspension. Steering is slightly lighter, now to work on the indents on the gearbox and maybe a new clutch. Then it will be a nice car to drive. Pete the auto engineer.
Tyre reviewed on September 24, 2019

Powertrac City Tour

Powertrac Tyres Malaysia


Top Powertrac City Tour Review

Terry :

Had two of these tyres fitted 6 months ago as well as the tracking done at the same time. After about 4 months they were worn down a lot. I’m at 6 months now and about 25,000 km and Ive just had to replace them. I would not recommend these tyres. Ive just put on 2 Accelera Eco Plush tyres and I will be sure to review those too.

Tyre reviewed on December 24, 2019

Powertrac City Rover

powertrac cityrover


Top Powertrac City Rover Review

Jc Chan :

Too soon for wear rate.
Low noise and more comfortable (softer sidewall) than previous 5 year old Goodyear’s. But they’re new and pliant.
Lack of sidewall protection for alloys is noticeable. No protective rib.
Stopped sharpish in the wet after 1 week, good grip, straight. They are A rated for wet braking.

Tyre reviewed on Jan 24, 2020

Faus :

They seem fine. Their price was reasonable

Tyre reviewed on May 6, 2020

Chong :

It is the first week I drive with Matrex seirra s6 tyres. I hope they will be as I expect.

Tyre reviewed on January 25, 2020

Mhd Sairul:

Very satisfied with my purchase
Nothing wrong with this product

Tyre reviewed on March 25, 2020

Powertrac Power Lander A/T

Powertrac Tyres Malaysia


Top Powertrac Power Lander A/T Review

Huyiuk :

Use it on my Hilux. The price is really good and come with white lettering.
For this price nothing to complain

Tyre reviewed on Mar 24, 2020

Jag Singh :

i use for few months, so far good and no complain! Good buy in Sunway !

Tyre reviewed on Jan 4, 2020

Powertrac Power Rover M/T


Top Powertrac Power Rover M/T Review

Syed :

With the money I saved getting these Mud Treks I was able to put a new set of sweet looking rims on the Patrol as well and still come out cheaper than the coopers I’ve had 3 x prior.
I am happy to achieve half the durability of the coopers to as I can buy a brand new set for less than half the cost.
Driving on dry roads expect medium to heavy road noise. I think this has to be expected there muddies people!
Off road these tyres are outstanding with a 3 ply sidewall I was quietly confident in some serious rocky terrain and another track with heavy clay and steep muddie sections, we did not get bogged once.
On the bad side in wet road conditions these tyres are fairly average so take it easy in wet conditions.
Over all 9/10 for me.
I will definately get these again.

Tyre reviewed on Jan 30, 2020

Jerry Low :

285/70/16 on v8 Landcruiser have done 35000 kms on bitumen sand and dirt fault them at all great on the sand and road for a M/T around 90-95% tread left and wearing evenly on a full time 4wd vehicle would buy again

Tyre Review on Feb 2 2020

Cy Chen :

I purchased a used Toyota Prado 120 that already had them fitted, I recon the previous owner knew his shit and I will never fit anything else when it comes time Being a Prado with all wheel drive 60/40% on the wet road I haven’t noticed any difference.Road noise is at a minium.

Tyre reviewed on May 3, 2020

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