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100 Days Unconditional Warranty

1. Overview: This comprehensive package covers all tyre brands sold at Klinikar, offering a 100-day unconditional warranty. It is designed to provide assurance against road hazard damages.

2. Eligibility: The warranty applies to all newly purchased tyres, used under normal conditions, and bought from Klinikar.

3. Registration: Registration of tyres under this warranty program must be completed within seven days of purchase via Klinikar’s digital platform.

4. Coverage: The warranty covers unrepairable damage due to road hazards such as deep cuts or punctures for 100 days or until a minimum tread depth is reached.

5. Exclusions: The warranty does not cover damages due to improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, abusive use, or accidents.

6. Claims Procedure: Claims must be filed through Klinikar’s platform, providing necessary evidence of damage.

7. General Terms: This warranty is valid only in Malaysia and is subject to Malaysian law. Klinikar reserves the right to final decisions on all warranty claims.

8. Additional Conditions: Any additional costs for tyre fitting, balancing, or alignment are not covered and shall be borne by the customer.

This warranty is Klinikar’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring peace of mind for tyre purchasers.

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