3rd Anniversary
& Soft Launch of Klinikar Community



We are pleased to officially launch our Klinikar Community as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Klinikar Community is aimed to attract more than 50,000 drivers with expected views and unique visitors of 250,000 by end December 2020

As part of the official launch, Klinikar.com is giving away 1 (one) iPhone 12, 3 (three) sets of tyres and Touch n’ Go Cash Credit worth up to RM30,000

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Times are bad - why should you create awareness now?

  • Consumers spend more time on social media whilst following the updates on COVID 19
  • Consumers research online to spend particularly wiser during these times, thus rendering your digital presence essential.
  • Klinikar.com audience is 100% car drivers who are willing to pay a premium for exceptional services.
  • Digitalise your workshop using Klinikar.com to capture higher market share and reach your potential customers more effectively.
  • Create your own profile on Klinikar Community to engage with customers and their issues.
  • Tap on Klinikar.com’s aggressive advertising strategy to draw higher traffic to your offline workshop.
  • Get detail analysed reports from Klinikar BIG DATA CENTRE to understand more about your potential customers.
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Why Klinikar.com worth your investment in our advertisement platform

Our Panel Workshop Averagely Earned


RM500 – RM3,500

Profit Monthly from Klinikar.com

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Monthly Engagement

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