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Who can enjoy tyre insurance protection plan

Any customers who purchase tyres from us for 2pcs and above and you are covered!

Free tyre check and air pressure safety check at our panels ?

Book your session with Klinikar customer service agent for nearest panel to you. Skip all the waiting time!

*Service not available for self walk-in customer without an appointment.

Tyre Patching Cost

Each tyre you purchase from Klinikar will entitle RM10 budget for patching service with our panel.

Road Side Assist

Be patient. We are coming soon…

Tyre protection plan coverage

FAQ Frequently Asked Question


Tyre blew out without hitting any objects on the road :
The tyre deflated in a very short period of time (generally less than 0.1 seconds) due to sudden loss of gas due to rupture. The tear is irregular and pierced.*

There is obvious bulging on the tyre or side of the tyre.

The compensation scope

  1. In case of tyre blowout or bulge within the protection period (within 1 year), the maximum compensation is 80% of the initial purchase price of the tyre.
  2. Users who purchase tyres from (except tyres purchased with claim vouchers and tyres given as a gift) and install them in’s panel workshop can receive the protection service.
  3. For products that participate in the upgrade of two (2) year tyre protection plan, the warranty period is extended to 2 years, and 60%-80% of the initial purchase price of the tyre will be paid.
  4.  The purchase price stated above is the actual amount spent by the customer on the purchase of the tyres. If the coupon was used in the purchase of the tyres, this part is not covered by the protection plan.

Form of indemnity: 
The form of indemnity is Klinikar voucher, which can be used to purchase tyres, maintenance and car products in without discount. The voucher is non transferable to any third-party.

Warranty period: 
The protection plan will take effect after the tyre is successfully installed by’s panel or installation points designated by

  1. Willful or fraudulent conduct of the obligee;
  2. The tyre has exceeded the protection period at the time of accident;
  3. The replacement services provided by the manufacturer or distributor according to law or contract;
  4. Earthquake, lightning, fire, explosion, rainstorm, flood, typhoon and other natural disasters;
  5. Tyre damage caused by natural wear, corrosion, man-made damage, improper storage and other non-accidental causes;
  6. The obligee cannot recover the tyre due to the tyre being stolen, abandoned or for any other reason;
  7. The identification number, brand and model of the tire is damaged, removed, worn or cannot be identified for other reasons;
  8. When the tyre texture wear reaches or exceeds the wear line (i.e. the tire replacement represents “▲”) or the remaining tread pattern wear depth is less than 1.6mm;
  9.  Accidents involving obligee’s vehicles use for e-hailing service or transporting goods;
  10. Tyre damage caused by traffic accidents, incorrect tyre installation, excessive speed or overloading, too high or too low tire pressure, etc.;
  11. The tyres have been repaired;
  12. Outside Peninsular Malaysia

When you purchase your tyre with

Users who purchase tyres from (except tyres purchased with claim vouchers and tires given as gifts) and install them in Klinikar designated installation point can receive Klinikar Tyre Protection plan.

The service period of Klinikar Tyre Protection Plan is 1 year from the date of purchase.

First of all, contact our customer service at to report a case immediately (8:30-20:30)

Follow our Facebook official account/ Whatsapp to report the case, and upload the relevant photos as accident-proof materials for review as required.

After reporting the accident, you will recieve a form for to upload all your photos and details, submit the requested photos online.

Please provide the required materials within 48 hours after the report, otherwise, the report will be regarded as invalid. Klinikar  Protection team will reply to you within 1-2 hours (9:00-18:00) whether you can go through the claim application process.

You need to hold the damaged tire Klinikar claim team makes a decision. If protection team needs to inspect the tyres, you will necd to send the tyres to the designated place (shipping costs will be borne by you).


If the case is reported and the claim is settled successfully within the warranty period, you can get 40% to 80% compensation of the initial purchase price of the tire. The form of compensation is Klinikar vouchers, which can be used to buy tyres, car products and maintenance services. Klinikar vouchers are strictly not transferable.

Tyre patching & repair claim is up to RM10 per tyre for a year. Contact our customer service to arrange your repair session.

Tyre protection plan claim process


1. Report online

If the tire you purchased has a bulge or  blowout without hitting any objects, please contact the customer service immediately


2. Upload Photo

Submit photos of tyre accident via Whatsapp to our customer service agent following the steps shown below. Please be sure to take photos right after the tyre bulge or blowout occurs.


3. Redeem Voucher

After passing the photo to the technical team in, you can get the corresponding amount of’s vouchers as compensation. We will inform you of the result by text message.


4. Buy New Tyres

You can use the vouchers to buy tyres, maintenance and car products at The vouchers cannot be discounted, changed or transferred

Sample Proof Photo

01 1

1. Photos of defect tyre (or bulged) and license plates (shot from 45 degree angle)



2. Photos of tyre brand and driving license



3,  Photos of tyre production date and driving license



4. Photos of tire thread and driving license


5. Close up photo of tyre and driving license 

6. Take photos of the whole tyre. When taking photos of the damaged tyre, it should be still on your car

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6(a). Take photos of the whole tyre. When taking photos of the damaged tyre, it should be still on your car

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7. Take a clear overall picture of both sides of the damaged tyre, with the damaged location and tyre production date marked in the overall picture. 

FqriH43UqDZI9PAJ7S2Mzjo2HW1S w540 h420.png@100Q

7(a). Take a clear overall picture of both sides of the damaged tyre, with the damaged location and tyre production date marked in the overall picture. 

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8. Driving license


9. Road Tax

10. Owner with car photo

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