Klinikar Connect:
Precision Advertising for the Automotive Industry

We don’t follow the norm; we lead with honesty. Welcome to the future of targeted advertising. Engage directly with discerning, time-conscious Malaysian automotive enthusiasts who prefer high-quality customer service.

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Who We Serve

Our community consists of middle to high-income Malaysians aged 25-60, mostly Malay followed by Chinese and Indian, who value quality service and trust our recommendations.

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Success Stories

We’ve transformed lesser-known brands like Prinx from Thailand and Powertrac from China into mature brands with loyal customer bases. With Klinikar, success is not just possible; it’s guaranteed.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our AI-powered platform analyzes customer behavior, pushing them products they need. Unlike random fishing on social media, we target the right prospects, efficiently and intelligently.

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The Klinikar Guarantee

We stand by our services, promising minimum reach and engagement levels. Your success is our mission.

Tailored Advertising Packages

We offer three meticulously crafted packages designed to suit varying needs and budgets.

Silver Package:

Start Your Authentic Advertising Journey (RM5,000)

A strategic introduction to the Klinikar platform. Perfect for brands looking to dip their toes into targeted advertising.

  • Reach up to 10,000 unique Klinikar users.
  • Receive advanced customer insights to fine-tune your strategy.
  • Regular performance reports.
  • Ideal for newcomers looking for targeted, authentic advertising.

Gold Package:

Dive into Targeted Engagement (RM10,000)

For established brands who is ready to dive into the deep end of the world of personalised, AI-powered advertising.

  • Expose your ads to 25,000 unique Klinikar users.
  • Integrate personalized content crafted by our AI.
  • Dedicated campaign management session for personalized guidance.
  • Advanced insights to evaluate and refine your advertising impact.
  • Ideal for established brands ready to elevate their engagement.

Platinum Package:

Unleash Your Full Potential

The ultimate package for brands committed to revolutionising their advertising strategy and reaching the peak of customer engagement.

  • Show your ads to 50,000 unique Klinikar users.
  • Benefit from priority ad placements and monthly newsletter integration.
  • Multiple dedicated campaign sessions to refine your strategy.
  • Full suite of data analytics tools to understand your audience.
  • Elevate your brand to new heights, foster lasting relationships.
  • The complete package for brands committed to innovation and excellence.

Reach the Right People.

Our customers are discerning, time-conscious, and value the finer things in life. They are mid to high income earners who understand the importance of quality and service. When you advertise with Klinikar, you tap directly into this lucrative market.

Data-Driven Advertising.

Klinikar isn’t just an advertising platform; it’s a data powerhouse. We harness the power of AI and machine learning to bring you precision-targeted advertising. This technology allows us to reach the right customers at the right time, maximising the impact and return on your advertising spend.


Personalised, Engaging Content.

The Klinikar platform leverages cutting-edge AI to deliver personalised content to our users. By understanding individual customer preferences and behaviours, we can curate content that resonates, keeping our users engaged and your brand top-of-mind.

Our Clients


Join Us and Revolutionize Your Strategy

Welcome to a partnership that transcends ordinary advertising. Let’s build connections that last, together.

Become part of a community that values quality, service, and customer satisfaction above all else. Contact us to start elevating your brand with Klinikar.

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