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Premium Car Care Starts Here

Hassle-Free car care with Klinikar for those who value time and money. Let us be your best car care partner from now on.

Product Guarantee

All products are procured from trusted sources to assure product quality and customer’s safety


Book Now, Pay Later

We understand that purchasing tyres online might be a new experience for you, we believe in trust is built over time, you can now book your tyres with a small fees and pay the rest later.


Klinikar Assurance

Self-managed warehouse and logistics facilities

Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Puchong, Selangor, and we operate our own logistics facilities and warehouse.

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What you see is what you pay, no hidden charges

In Klinikar, we include installation, balancing, and alignment in all tyre prices listed in our website. What you see is what you pay, no hidden charges.

We understand the frustration of being subjected to unpleasant surprises such as additional charges and hidden fees along your purchase journey.

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Professional tyre search service

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If you need to purchase tyres that are not listed on the platform, you may contact our customer service team for a FREE countrywide tyre search.


Learn more about what you can expect when you subscribe to The Klinikar Experience.


* Breakdown Support Service Available in Klang Valley only.
* Services available from 7am – 10pm
* For one (1) registered passenger vehicle only.

* Read Terms & Conditions here 


Roadside Assist

Why tow your car, when we can get it done on the spot

Pick-Up Service

Busy? Let us pick up your car and get the work done for you

Private Chauffeur Service

Need a ride to destinations? We have chosen some of the best drivers for you

Roadside Assistance

Wherever you are, we're only a click away.

As part of THE KLINIKAR EXPERIENCE, you’re protected under one of the most reliable car-care platforms. 

You can have total peace of mind, If your vehicle has already broken down or you need immediate assistance please call:


+601118924678 ( Klang Valley )

Operation Hours : 7am – 10pm

When your car is immobilized following a mechanical breakdown caused by flat tyres, battery issues or empty fuel scenario, the Klinikar roadside assistance service team will help you organize the following services:

If your vehicle is immobilized and cannot be fixed immediately, our Roadside Assistance will advise the customer to contact their Insurance free towing service and tow the vehicle to the nearest Klinikar Panel. 

Notes: Towing service is not included in Klinikar Roadside Assist, please contact your Free towing service with your insurance. We will be taking over the mess at our panel workshop.

At the driver’s request, a telephone call will be made to an individual (family or friend) of driver’s choice. 

Our qualified technician will be dispatched to provide a jump start. If your vehicle cannot be driven safely, we will advise the customer to contact their insurance free towing service. 

If your vehicle has a flat tyre, our qualified technician will attempt to remove it and install a spare tyre (if available) in a safe environment.

If your vehicle does not have a spare tyre or if the spare is not safely operable, we will advise the customer to contact their insurance free towing service and tow the car to our nearest panel.

Our qualified technician will be dispatched to purchase a fuel or RM30 upon assist. If your vehicle cannot be driven safely, we will advise the customer to contact their insurance free towing service. 


This operation works 8 am – 11 pm daily 365 days a year emergency roadside assistance service exclusive to owners of Klinikar customer cars registered in Peninsular Malaysia and enrolled in the program. Klinikar Roadside Assistance is manned by a team of experienced multi-lingual staff who will provide assistance in the event your vehicle becomes immobilized 

Terms and conditions apply.

Locate and book your Roadside Assist online or contact Klinikar Roadside Assistance and provide the call center staff with your name and exact location, vehicle registration number, car model, contact details, description of the problem, confirmation of your house address, and proof of ownership (if required) so that the call center staff can efficiently coordinate assistance for you. 

Klinikar Roadside Assistance is available in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Yes, replacement parts and any workshop labour costs would be your responsibility, unless covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Klinikar Roadside Assistance understands the frustration and inconvenience experienced by a vehicle owner in the event of a breakdown. Our aim is to ensure that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Therefore, on receipt of your call, our fully trained call center staff will immediately arrange for the nearest and most appropriate service provider to assist you. The duration of the wait will depend on the availability of the assistance provider, your breakdown location, traffic, and weather conditions. During the course of the assistance, we will maintain contact with you and provide updates of the estimated time of arrival of the service provider.

Yes, you must be present at the breakdown location in order for assistance services to be rendered to your vehicle.

Please ensure that you remove all your belongings from your vehicle prior to towing. Klinikar Roadside Assistance is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in the vehicle.

In order to maintain the highest level of service, all arrangements must be made by Klinikar Roadside Assistance. Klinikar Roadside Assistance has an appointed network of service providers and facilities to provide the services described in this policy.


Klinikar Roadside Assistance is designed to provide emergency assistance. However, we will gladly provide you with the service of car pick-up service.

Due to the fact that this condition does not immobilise your vehicle, you would need to drive your vehicle to an authorized Klinikar Panel workshop.

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