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Klinikar x NFT
Giveaway Campaign

And we’re back again with another exciting NFT Giveaway Campaign! This time we will be giving out NFT’s that you can use to get discounts and cashback for the purchase of every automotive product from Klinikar.com.

Klinikar is giving away a total of 7 NFTs worth $1,000 which can be used and spent a lifetime in Klinikar.com.

Klinikar.com will be giving away 7 NFTs with a total value of $1,000 to 7 lucky winners. These will provide access to the Klinikar Premium Community!

All NFTs provide the same access point and value, although some are more valuable based on design scarcity. Holders of the NFT all carry the following benefits:

  • Lifetime access 5% off for all purchases in Klinikar.com on top of the current discounts & promotions.
  • Ability to later buy digital land and start a business in Klinikar Metaverse.
  • Attend all private events organized by Klinikar.com in Malaysia.
  • Handled by exclusive customer care agent thru a private line for all car services.

In order to take part you will have to complete a few tasks in our Klinikar campaign. Completing each of these tasks will earn you points. After the campaign concludes on a date, we’ll make a random draw. Users that have more points will have a bigger chance of winning.

  • Start: NOW
  • End and winner drawing: The lucky winners will be drawn live during our AMA at Telegram.

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