MINI「GT3 RS」 STRIP is here!

MINI unveiled the STRIP, a one-of-a-kind car by fashion designer Paul Smith. The concept of the new car is to use a “simple, transparent and sustainable” design to promote environmental awareness of car manufacturing.

You may be tired of hearing the word “green,” but this is the real thing. You take a three-door Cooper SE and dismember it, keeping only the necessary structural parts. There is no paint on the body, only a rust-proof frame, a close look is not difficult to find the grinding marks.

In addition, the sunroof is recycled by Acrylic, and the skirt is recycled by 3D printing. The screws are uncovered, which are easy to assemble and disassemble. It is said that the inspiration comes from bicycles.

The interior is fresh, all the ornaments are removed, even the signature dashboard is replaced with a mobile phone charger. The steering wheel is wrapped with bicycle tape, and the table board will use cork for the same door decoration. The whole window will only have two groups of physical buttons: the electric window and the push-start engine button.

What is your thought?

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