Increase brand awareness

You build the brand.
Klinikar helps you tell
everyone about it.


It's always a good time to build awareness
for your brand or business on Klinikar.

Get the word out.

Let people know about your new or upcoming business.

Establish a following.

Stay top of mind so people think of your business when it's time to buy.

Reach more people.

Build a bigger audience of people who are similar to your best customers.

Create a presence

Growing awareness is easy

Klinikar Social Profile

Create a Klinikar profile where your business can connect with your community and keep them updated with what's new.

Klinikar business profiles

Perfect for showcasing products or developing a visual brand identity, Klinikar allows you to share images and videos with captivated audiences.


Put your brand at the centre of conversation and build meaningful relationships with current and potential customers.

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Advertising solutions

Reach more people with ads that get you noticed.

Brand Awareness advertising objective

It's always a good time to build awareness for your brand or business on Klinikar.

Reach advertising objective

With the Reach objective, Klinikar will show ad to the maximum number of people across Klinikar platform.

Video Views advertising objective

If you're raising awareness through a video ad, Klinikar helps you make deeper connections with people who are likely to watch the video for 2 seconds, 15 seconds or more.

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Maximise your reach.

Find out how combining out-of-home and Facebook advertising can help you connect with a broader audience.

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