Increase online sales

Drive sales directly from


Klinikar tools help you turn shoppers
into customers.

Drive sales both on and off

Increase conversions on your business, or sell your products through Klinikar

Showcase the most relevant

Personalise your ads position to show products that are tailored to each person's interests.

Connect online and offline

Create a connection for your ads to reach people who have visited your shop.

Set up shop

Upload a catalogue for free, and let people shop from Klinikar Community

Uploading a catalogue is the first step
to growing your online sales.

A product catalogue lets people easily shop and buy from your shop. It also unlocks advertising features that help you reach the people who are likely to love what you have to offer.

Let people browse and buy your products without ever leaving Facebook.

Set up a Facebook shop, where people can browse your products, learn more about them and check out, straight from the app.

Tag products in your posts and stories to let people shop on Instagram.

Connect people with your products in photos, videos and stories, and let them discover and buy when they're most inspired.

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Ad objectives

Showcase products in your posts to let people shop in your online store.

If your online shop lives inside Klinikar, the Conversions objective helps you increase page visits and sales.
The Sales objective helps you drive sales from your Klinikar catalogue. This objective can be paired with personalize ads to show people the most relevant products from your Klinikar shop.

Ad objectives

Define the shopping audience you want to reach.
Then find more customers just like them.

Deliver your ads to people you already know or new audience whether that's through the Klinikar Community, Online store or new shoppers. You can even exclude people who have already completed a purchase, or you can retarget people who have visited your products in the past 90 days but not completed the checkout.

Find new people who are similar to your best customers. Klinikar ads help you reach people with similar interests and behaviours.

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Want some extra help with your online sales?

Klinikar Marketing Partners can help with a broad range of marketing solutions.
Find one who's ready to help your online business thrive.

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