KarBuddy Review & Reward Campaign



It’s always not easy to build a community, but in Klinikar we want to build a community for Malaysian drivers. Be first to join us, we will reward you with great deals and prizes.

Join the car review campaign and see what other thinks too and win great prizes!


【 Campaign : 1st March 2022 – 31st March 2022 】

【 Requirements: 】
Post on your KarBuddy wall with at least 50 words

【 Topic  : Review Your Car or Tyre on KarBuddy 】 

  1. Your Car details,
    ( example. Where you bought it?  In What Year?  How many KM?  at your own creativity. )
  2. Why choose this car ?
    ( example.- Cheap? Reliable? Anything that attracted you? at your own creativity. )
  3. Rate your car 
    ( example.-
    a. Space
    b. Fuel Efficiency
    c. Driving Experience
    d. Anything you don’t like about your car? 
    at your own creativity. )

Example :
Screenshot 2022 03 04 at 5.16.50 PM


Terms & Conditions
Step 1. Follow Klinikar official account in KarBuddy.

Step 2. Publish your post and @Klinikar

Step 3. Moderator will go through your post

Step 4. We will be sending out TnG e-wallet at the end of the event

Step 5. All post and comment activities will be rewarded with Klinikar Cash Points. ( More than 8 post and comments)


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