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    195/55R16 Powertrac Racing Pro

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    Powertrac Racing Pro: Provides superior handling and stability in both wet and dry conditions, enhanced grip for improved cornering, and exceptional high-speed performance.


    Summary: High-performance, superior handling, enhanced grip, high-speed performance.

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    195/55R16 Continental Ultra Contact UC7

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    Continental UC7: Provides superior grip on both wet and dry roads, enhanced steering stability and precision, and reduced rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.


    Summary : Advanced tread compound, precise handling, dynamic grip, high-speed stability, excellent braking performance.

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    Made in Thailand
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    195/55R16 Prinx HiCity HH2

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    Prinx HiCity HH2: Offers excellent handling and stability, exceptional wet and dry grip, and reduced rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.


    Summary: Handling and stability, wet and dry grip, fuel efficiency.


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