Whats happening in a tyre when you are driving?

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Mounted a GoPro camera inside of a car tyre and drive the car around to see what it looks like inside of a wheel when we drive around every day.

Removed the tyre from the rim then we mount the GoPro to the inside of the wheel and mount the tyre back on the rim, mount the tyre back on and re-install the wheel on the car. Then we drive around and take a look at what it looks like the inside of the tyre to see inside what the tyre is going through as we drive through a bumpy road a smooth road and take turns at a higher speed. it was a really interesting an awesome perspective to see what the tyre is going through as we’re driving our car.

and at the end of this video, we deflate the tyre and the air pressure inside the tyre does something really cool so you have to watch to the end. Thanks


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