Vintage Electric Vehicle. It’s older than you and me..

Although the electric car trend has only recently taken off, the world’s first electric car is far earlier than you can imagine…

1832 Electric propulsion

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Scottish scientist Robert Davidon published the first electric train between 1832 and 37.

1881 The first electric car

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French inventor Gustave Trouve attached a small Siemens electric motor to a tricycle and created the first-ever electric vehicle.

1884 The first mass-produced electric car

Thomas Parker centre with his two sons in 2nd electric electric car he produced

Thomas Parker, an Englishman, produced the first mass-produced electric car in history under the name of Elwell-Parker and was responsible for the electrification of the London Underground.

1896 in electricity

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To solve the charging problem, Helco proposes a battery-swapping service for electric vans.

1899 The Pursuit of Speed

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La Jamais Contente, a Belgian electric car shaped like a bullet, was the first streetcar to break the 100km/h mark and the last electric car to hold the land speed record.

1912 is the beginning of the end

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By 1912, mass production of the Ford Model T electric car on sale was nearly twice as expensive as their internal combustion rivals.

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